7 June 2011

Here’s the talk I gave at TEDxEastsidePrep: “Can Skateboarding Save Our Schools?” I also highly recommend watching Shawn Cornally‘s talk “Pointslessness: The Future of Education Without Coercion or Toy Economies” which overlapped with many of the ideas in my talk but from a completely different perspective.

10 November 2010

Are schools designed to help people learn? Are colleges and universities really institutions of higher education? Do students actually learn any science in science classes? Can skateboarding give us a better model for teaching and learning? Watch this video to find out.


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23 January 2014

You’ll never guess which number comes out on top!

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6 January 2014

Here’s a little thought experiment for anyone trying to help other people learn.

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9 September 2013

Seriously, why the hell is Sal Khan “teaching” history?

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25 June 2013

A corollary to “Nobody knows ahead of time how long it takes anyone to learn anything.”

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6 October 2012
Coursera is NOT “learn at your own pace” (yet)

For a platform that is supposed to be revolutionary, these shortcomings and complaints are painfully familiar because they’re exactly the same problems that limit traditional university courses.

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27 August 2012
The History Of The Korean War (#MTT2K)

This video was my (award-winning!) entry in the Mystery Teacher Theater 2000 (#MTT2K) Contest.

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29 July 2012
Am I A World-Class Pool Player Or What? (#MTT2K)

Here’s my take on Khan Academy and the hype surrounding it. As you can see from my videos, I’m obviously a world-class pool player.

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18 April 2012
The Drives: 2011.12.17 through 2012.04.15

An overview of my road trip presented through Google Maps.

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10 April 2012
Scenes From The Grand Canyon

A time lapse video of sunset at the Grand Canyon and some photos.

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29 March 2012
More Scenes From Lake Tahoe

More videos and pictures from my visit to Lake Tahoe.