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31 January 2012
Bad Design 101: Isla Vista Skatepark

Isla Vista is planning to build a real skatepark, but in the meantime the locals have this temporary place to skate.

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31 January 2012
Bad Design 101: Honda Fit Cup Holders

Honda Fit Cup Holders: cups not allowed.

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14 December 2011
Bad Design 101: Seattle Paths

Some rules are destined to be ignored.

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22 October 2011
Bad Design 101: Eastside Prep “Parking” Blocks

Morning greetings shouldn’t be composed of warnings.

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18 October 2011
Bad Design 101: Crosswalk Buttons

I kept seeing pedestrians thrash those buttons as if they were playing some weird shoot-em-up video game that would help them cross the street.

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10 July 2011
Bad Design 101: Door Handles

Is genuinely good design so unintuitive that in 2011 we still haven’t nailed the user experience for doors yet?

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5 June 2011
스팰링비? Are there Korean spelling bees?

Spelling bees exist because we use our alphabet in a way that makes spelling difficult.