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6 January 2014

Here’s a little thought experiment for anyone trying to help other people learn.

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9 September 2013

Seriously, why the hell is Sal Khan “teaching” history?

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25 June 2013

A corollary to “Nobody knows ahead of time how long it takes anyone to learn anything.”

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6 October 2012
Coursera is NOT “learn at your own pace” (yet)

For a platform that is supposed to be revolutionary, these shortcomings and complaints are painfully familiar because they’re exactly the same problems that limit traditional university courses.

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27 August 2012
The History Of The Korean War (#MTT2K)

This video was my (award-winning!) entry in the Mystery Teacher Theater 2000 (#MTT2K) Contest.

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29 July 2012
Am I A World-Class Pool Player Or What? (#MTT2K)

Here’s my take on Khan Academy and the hype surrounding it. As you can see from my videos, I’m obviously a world-class pool player.

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21 March 2012
“Choice Is Yours”…or is it?

After reading Sam Harris’s Free Will, I found this ordinary sign surprisingly thought provoking.

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1 January 2012
Preparing For 2012

First listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson set the record straight on 2012.

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1 January 2012
Dr. Tae’s Incomplete 2011 Year in Review

I did some stuff this year.