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21 March 2012
“Choice Is Yours”…or is it?

After reading Sam Harris’s Free Will, I found this ordinary sign surprisingly thought provoking.

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1 January 2012
Preparing For 2012

First listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson set the record straight on 2012.

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28 November 2011
On the context dependent perception of the consumption of fructose, sucrose, and triglycerides and the enhancing effects of toast

Please consider the following thought experiment which I devised during a recent breakfast.

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3 August 2011
Is it immoral to teach science badly?

If Sam Harris is right about a science of morality, science teachers need to start teaching some real science.

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12 November 2010
I’m on the cover of the Chicago Reader

The cover story of this week’s Chicago Reader is about…me? After reading the article, I thought the sections about Dr. Richard “Pip” Potter needed clarification, so here’s my brief response.

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10 November 2010
Let Me Tell You About My Board

The BelafonTae is the most precisely engineered skateboard in the world.

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10 November 2010
Building A New Culture Of Teaching And Learning

Are schools designed to help people learn? Are colleges and universities really institutions of higher education? Do students actually learn any science in science classes? Can skateboarding give us a better model for teaching and learning? Watch this video to find out.