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Oh, Fancy That!

28 March 2012 One Comment

It’s not surprising to find areas in large cities that cater to specific nationalities, but I stumbled upon a shopping plaza in Tarzana, CA that had a British theme, and to be perfectly honest I thought that was weird. Is there a large community of Brits in Tarzana?

I had a butchers at Oh, Fancy That!, a store that sells British foods and gifts. I didn’t think any of the British items were noteworthy. The product that really stood out was American:

Perhaps the uncharacteristically small cans are actually for the British market, for only large cans of AriZona are compatible with the American way.

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  • Stephane Daury (@stephdau) said:

    I’ve never seen the little cans indeed. Also, I do want that giant one!