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Dr. Tae’s New Video-Blog-Podcast Thingy

10 November 2010 2 Comments

Dr. Tae: The Physics

Author Neal Stephenson started the FAQ on his old website with this item:

>Neal, why is your web page so ugly?
Because to make it beautiful would require time and attention. of which I have none to spare.

I recently had a little time and attention to spare, so I decided to make my website a little less ugly by making it a lot more useful. DrTae.org is now powered by WordPress, which means it looks crappy without any content. Just to get things started, I’m going to post a few videos and short articles. If you’re interested in getting updates about my work and showing your support, please subscribe using the links on the right side of the page. Thanks for checking out my new site.

Dr. Tae


  • Indy.E said:

    I recently received my sons report card and like many first generation kids I have token my parents ideology on school and made it my own. Anyway my son brought home a C in his report card and like our parents, I felt as if he had not just failed himself but failed me and our family. Point in case he ended up receiving his punishment. I took the thoughts to the office with me the next day. I remember how difficult that it was for me at times in math and science and the punishment that I received when I got a bad mark in those two subjects. Funny how life presents wisdom in strange ways. I came home form the office today and my wife had pick up a Chicago Reader and I was reading your article about your journey in school, and life. Huh I’ve had the same ideas for just as long as you probably have, since we both grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. Thank you for helping me to re-understood what I have forgotten. It seems that the cycle began over after I got out of college and started having my own kids. I will do everything I can to share that knowledge with my kids. I owe you a drink when you come back to Chicago. Thanks Tae, I guess life is a class room in its self, and you never know who is doing the teaching. Drop me a line sometime. Keep shredding!

  • Robert Shaver said:

    In first grade they forgot to teach me to read. That’s right … they forgot to teach me to read. Forgot! (But I’m not bitter:)

    They divided the class into three or four groups but I didn’t remember which group I was assigned to. So when they called a group to the front of the room for reading lessons, I didn’t go with any of them. Nobody noticed for quite a while.

    Needless to say my folks were pretty upset when they figured it out. They got me a tutor and that helped. In the 6th grade I discovered science fiction and went crazy with reading it.

    I would be reading a book instead of any other study. Now I was getting in trouble for reading too much. In the 7th grade my only accomplishment notable enough for the year book was for checking out the most books from the school library. Buy the time I left middle school I was proud to announce that I had read every SciFi book they had.

    Now I’m 61 and have been an engineer for over thirty years. But I still read slower than most people.

    I almost dropped out of college in my second year.

    When I decided to stay I also decided that I was responsible for what I learn, and nobody else. I reduced my course load, stopped worrying about anything better than a passing grade and took one class just for fun each school quarter.

    I even got an F in one of these elective classes. I got what I wanted from it so who cares about the grade, right? (Well, it’s still embarrassing to admit. Grades and peer pressure go together.)

    Now my passion is telling stories with video. I’m studying how to do this well and buying the equipment I need to do it. When I retire (soon) I can devote full time to it.

    I think we need a movie about this … your talk has given me some ideas.