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On the context dependent perception of the consumption of fructose, sucrose, and triglycerides and the enhancing effects of toast

28 November 2011 5 Comments

Please consider the following thought experiment which I devised during a recent breakfast.

Imagine three small packets of jelly (or jam, marmalade, preserve, etc.) such as the ones pictured below. How hard would it be for you to eat their contents in successive shots?

Now what if I asked you to do the same thing with three small packets of whipped butter?

If you’re like me, the jelly version seems totally doable, but the butter version seems kinda gross.

Now imagine the same packets of jelly and butter but instead of eating them straight, you spread the contents of each packet onto separate pieces of toast. How hard would it be for you to eat three pieces of toast with jelly? How hard would it be for you to eat three pieces of buttered toast? For me, the toast with jelly is obviously edible and so is the buttered toast. Most significantly, the presence of toast has turned gross butter into delicious butter.

I think it’s safe to extrapolate that anything that sucks on its own will immediately become awesome when put on toast. It is not yet clear if this effect occurs with other carbohydrates e.g. waffles.

UPDATE 13 December 2011:
Stephen Colbert does not need toast.

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  • Sean said:

    I have always seen toast (and in general bread) as a vector for butter.

  • Derek Pennycuff said:

    My gut tells me that both pancakes and waffles share similar qualities.

  • Timon Piccini (@MrPicc112) said:

    Here’s another interesting thing to put under the thought microscope. Toast on its own is usually pretty awful. Imagine eating three pieces of toast with nothing to accompany. Adding those “spreadables” changes the dynamic not only of the spread but the toast as well. Fascinating.

  • Timon Piccini (@MrPicc112) said:

    I feel as if I am missing a metaphor.

  • Dr. Tae (author) said:

    Me too!