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29 March 2012
Best Use Of Green Screen In A Music Video

“Everything’s Ruined” by Faith No More. Video directed by Kevin Kerslake.

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28 March 2012
Driving 350 mph Around Lake Tahoe (10x Time-Lapse)

A time-lapse video of my drive clockwise around Lake Tahoe starting at Kings Beach.

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28 March 2012
Oh, Fancy That!

Maybe the small cans are British?

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21 March 2012
“Choice Is Yours”…or is it?

After reading Sam Harris’s Free Will, I found this ordinary sign surprisingly thought provoking.

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9 February 2012
Never Going Pro, Issue 13: Stoner Plaza

Footage from 8 February 2012 at Stoner Plaza.

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31 January 2012
Bad Design 101: Isla Vista Skatepark

Isla Vista is planning to build a real skatepark, but in the meantime the locals have this temporary place to skate.

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31 January 2012
Bad Design 101: Honda Fit Cup Holders

Honda Fit Cup Holders: cups not allowed.

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23 January 2012
One Little Victory: 300 in Wii Bowling

I’ve been crashing with my friend Jeremy in LA this week, and I was amazed to see that he still had this photographic evidence of my one and only perfect game in Wii bowling.

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3 January 2012
Stoner Skate Plaza: First Impressions

Finally! The first skate session of my vagabond tour of California and also the first session of the new year.

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1 January 2012
Preparing For 2012

First listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson set the record straight on 2012.