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8 December 2011
Mitch Hedberg Everywhere: Donuts

Do you need a receipt?

Skateboarding »

30 November 2011
Last Wilson Session 2011

I did a few of my manual lines. I did a 360 flip. I did one nose manual.

Food, Science »

28 November 2011
On the context dependent perception of the consumption of fructose, sucrose, and triglycerides and the enhancing effects of toast

Please consider the following thought experiment which I devised during a recent breakfast.

Video Games »

28 November 2011

So I got this idea for a new Street Fighter character…

Hodgepodge, Music »

27 November 2011
4736: The Number of The Beast

What did I see? Could I believe?

Design »

22 October 2011
Bad Design 101: Eastside Prep “Parking” Blocks

Morning greetings shouldn’t be composed of warnings.

Design »

18 October 2011
Bad Design 101: Crosswalk Buttons

I kept seeing pedestrians thrash those buttons as if they were playing some weird shoot-em-up video game that would help them cross the street.

Technology »

31 August 2011
Can you hear my pin drop now?

Ah, forget it. Just send me an eTelegram.

Education, Science »

3 August 2011
Is it immoral to teach science badly?

If Sam Harris is right about a science of morality, science teachers need to start teaching some real science.