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10 July 2011
Bad Design 101: Door Handles

Is genuinely good design so unintuitive that in 2011 we still haven’t nailed the user experience for doors yet?

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6 July 2011
I guess I’m not qualified.

From the archives: the most ridiculous rejection letter I’ve ever received.

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4 July 2011
Independence Tae

USA #1

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7 June 2011
Can Skateboarding Save Our Schools?

Here’s the talk I gave at TEDxEastsidePrep: “Can Skateboarding Save Our Schools?” I also highly recommend watching Shawn Cornally‘s talk “Pointslessness: The Future of Education Without Coercion or Toy Economies” which overlapped with many of the ideas in my talk but from a completely different perspective.

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5 June 2011
스팰링비? Are there Korean spelling bees?

Spelling bees exist because we use our alphabet in a way that makes spelling difficult.

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31 May 2011
Standing on the shoulders of They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants posted one of my old skate videos on their Facebook page?

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4 February 2011
Snow Tae 2011

Blizzard of 2011

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1 February 2011
Want to do one small thing right now to improve education? Read one of these books.

Just go to the library or raid your friends’ bookshelves or head to a bookstore to start reading one of these books. It’s one small thing you can do to change how we think about solving problems in education.

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12 November 2010
I’m on the cover of the Chicago Reader

The cover story of this week’s Chicago Reader is about…me? After reading the article, I thought the sections about Dr. Richard “Pip” Potter needed clarification, so here’s my brief response.

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10 November 2010
Let Me Tell You About My Board

The BelafonTae is the most precisely engineered skateboard in the world.