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I’m on the cover of the Chicago Reader

12 November 2010 One Comment

The cover story of this week’s Chicago Reader is about…me? Here’s the link to the article:

“The Way of Dr. Tae” by Ryan Smith. Photos by Clayton Hauck.

After reading the article, I thought the sections about Dr. Richard “Pip” Potter needed clarification, so here’s my brief response. The phrasing and ordering of those sections may lead some readers to think that Pip and I were somehow working against each other, which isn’t true.

Pip was the only person at Robomodo who immediately understood that I should have been working on controls instead of cameras. He generously made room in his schedule to teach me how the control system worked, and that’s the main reason I was able to build a prototype for 1:1 rotations so quickly. When Pip called my work “disruptive technology” it was a compliment, and we both laughed at how it sounded (mostly because we were the ones who would have to fix many of the disruptions). When “there were words exchanged” it was between me and other designers and engineers, not Pip. Throughout the project Pip and I were the controls team, and I’m glad I had his support.

Mad props to Dr. Pip.

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